Affordable Language Services from Columbus

Affordable Language Services

We offer a range of Translation, Localisation and Subtitling services, all customised to your individual needs and provided by our Team of Professional Translators & Subtitlers

Premium Translation

Take advantage of one of the most popular Columbus Services. It is a fully comprehensive service involving 2 Native Speakers, a Translator and a Proofreader, and an additional Quality Check to guarantee highest quality making it a perfect choice if you are looking to publish your content either in print or online.

Standard Translation

Our Standard Translation still means you get a 100% Professional Service involving a single Professional Translator, a Native Speaker of the target language, and an additional Quality Check, giving you a more affordable option for your Everyday Business needs.

Proofreading & Editing

Equally important as translation, proofreading forms an integral part of our 3-stage Quality Assurance Process. Each and every Premium translation is proofread by another linguist to make sure that the final product is of highest possible quality. Document, website, software or subtitle proofreading can also be requested as a stand-alone service.


We prepare subtitles for documentaries, feature films, corporate and marketing videos, current news and more. Our subtitles are always prepared by Professional Translators who are trained and experienced subtitlers and proofread by another Translator/Subtitler.


Whether you need subtitles for a feature films, a documentary, a training or marketing video, we can prepare and timecode the dialogue list for you. Our subtitles are always prepared by Professional Translators who are trained and experienced subtitlers and proofread by another Translator/Subtitler.


We also offer audio and video transcription services in all the major European and Asian languages. We can either transcribe your audio/video material in the source language or provide you with both the transcription as well as the translation into your required target language(s).

Our Promise

Columbus provides a range of professional translation services, all tailored to each client’s individual needs. Every assignment we take on is completed on time and to a highest standard. To achieve this, each and every translation is cross-checked by another translator.

Our goal is to keep your costs to a minimum and yet maintain the highest standards of translation work. That is why we have provided you with an Instant Quote Calculator so that you can instantly assess the cost of your translation project. No need to waste time waiting for a quote!

Learn more about our Affordable Language Services: Please see our Clients Page for more information on who we work with and what sort of translation projects we deliver.

  • Many thanks for the hard work.

    The revised version is fantastic.

  • "I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for all your help so far!
    Please be assured that I am thanking you in my mind every time
    you accept or complete a task. Without you I would not be a PM."

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    Cecilia Marian | Senior Project Manager

  • "I had a look at the file and it looks great!
    Thanks very, very much
    for the very professional job you're always doing!"

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    Sanda Costici | Lead Project Manager

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