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Quality Fully Guaranteed – Unlimited Revisions

We won’t stop until you are completely satisfied with the quality of our professional translation services. Every order comes with unlimited revisions at no additional cost to you.

More than 10 Years Experience – Only Native Speakers

Hundreds of projects managed each year from clients like you operating across the world. Our Happy Clients trust us with their projects because we deliver on our promise of timely, high quality professional translation services.

Innovation & Latest Technology – Speed & Accuracy

We employ process automation to provide you with innovative professional translation services. Each and every translation is completed and checked by human translators. During this process, we employ latest Translation Memory and Terminology software that makes sure your translations are accurate, consistent and free of typos and spelling mistakes.

Instant Quote Calculator


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  • 100% Free Translation Service
  • Single translator
  • Native Speaker
  • Limited to 300 words
  • Perfect for Test Translation


[wt_pricing_table featured_table=”true” plan=”Silver Package” cost=”Standard” per=”from 6p / word” button_text=”Get Started!” button_link=”||” css_animation=”fadeInDown” anim_type=”wt_animate_if_almost_visible” anim_delay=”200″]

  • 100% Professional Service
  • Single Translator
  • Native Speaker
  • Quality Check included
  • For Everyday Business Use


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  • Fully Comprehensive Service
  • Translator & Proofreader
  • 2 different Native Speakers
  • Quality Check included
  • Perfect for Publishing


We are a team of enthusiastic professional translators and subtitlers dedicated to providing you with best possible translation services at a very affordable price. Columbus provides a range of services all tailored to each client’s individual needs. Every assignment we take on is completed on time and to a highest standard. To achieve this, each and every translation service is cross-checked by another translator.

Saving You Time & Money

Our goal is to keep your costs to a minimum and yet maintain the highest standards of translation work. To help you instantly assess the cost of your translation project we have provided you with an Instant Quote Calculator. Now there is no need for you to waste time waiting for a quote.

Our Promise

We promise to always make every effort to meet your deadline for a project and to work hard to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the final product.

At Columbus, we believe the quality of our work and our customer service are two most important factors that determine our customer satisfaction. You can see this for yourself by reading some of our testimonials below.

What They Say About Us!

[wt_service_box icon_type=”wt_icon_type_2″ icon_style=”wt_icon_rounded” empty_space=”yes” css_animation=”fadeInDown” icon_align=”left” icon=”fa-magic” title=”Premium Translation” img_size=”full” anim_delay=”200″]Take advantage of our professional translation services which involve 2 Native Speakers, a Translator, a Proofreader, and a series of detailed quality checks to guarantee the highest quality translation service for your online or print publications.[/wt_service_box][wt_service_box icon_type=”wt_icon_type_2″ icon_style=”wt_icon_rounded” empty_space=”yes” css_animation=”fadeInUp” icon_align=”right” icon=”fa-headphones” title=”Transcription” content_align=”left” anim_delay=”600″]

We also offer audio and video transcription services in all the major European and Asian languages. We can either transcribe your audio/video material in the source language or provide you with both the transcription as well as the translation services into your required target language(s).


[wt_service_box icon_type=”wt_icon_type_2″ icon_style=”wt_icon_rounded” empty_space=”yes” css_animation=”fadeInDown” icon_align=”center” icon=”fa-globe” title=”Standard Translation” content_align=”left” anim_delay=”400″]Our Standard Translation still means you get 100% Professional Translation Services that involve a single Professional Translator, a Native Speaker of the target language, and a quality check while giving you a more affordable option for your business needs.[/wt_service_box][wt_service_box icon_type=”wt_icon_type_2″ icon_style=”wt_icon_rounded” empty_space=”yes” css_animation=”fadeInUp” icon_align=”left” icon=”fa-desktop” title=”Subtitling” img_size=”full” anim_delay=”200″]

We prepare subtitles for documentaries, feature films, corporate and marketing videos, current news and more. Our subtitles are always prepared by Professional Translators who are trained and experienced subtitlers and proofread by another Translator/Subtitler.


[wt_service_box icon_type=”wt_icon_type_2″ icon_style=”wt_icon_rounded” empty_space=”yes” css_animation=”fadeInDown” icon_align=”right” icon=”fa-check-square-o” title=”Proofreading & Editing” content_align=”left” anim_delay=”400″ img_size=”full”]As equally important as translation services, proofreading forms an integral part of our 3-Stage Quality Assurance Process. Each and every order of our professional translation services are proofread by a trained linguist to make sure that your final product is the best possible quality.[/wt_service_box][wt_service_box icon_type=”wt_icon_type_2″ icon_style=”wt_icon_rounded” empty_space=”yes” css_animation=”fadeInUp” icon_align=”center” icon=”fa-cogs” title=”Timecoding” content_align=”left” anim_delay=”400″ img_size=”full”]

Whether you need subtitles for a feature films, a documentary, a training or marketing video, we can prepare and timecode the dialogue list for you. Our subtitles are always prepared by Professional Translators who are trained and experienced subtitlers and proofread by another Translator/Subtitler.


Why Work with Us?

At Columbus, we believe that there is much more than just profits. As a customer, you understand this better than anyone else. It is about having trust that the translator chosen for the job will be a qualified, professional linguist, a native speaker working in the target language. It is about the confidence that your files, your personal data and your money are safe in our hands. It is also about the assurance that we will be there whenever you need us to answer any questions you may have about the project providing you with excellent customer service.

But we also believe that it is about transparency, fairness and social responsibility. That is why we strive to pay the best possible rates to our linguists for each and every project. We don’t enforce translation rates but ask our translators and subtitlers what rates they will be happy to work for. We also give back to the community both at the local and international level. Here are several reasons why customers keep coming back to Columbus asking for more…

Know your Translator

At Columbus, we don’t outsource work to people we don’t know. You can rest assured that your translation project will be completed by our team of devoted professional translators, not subcontracted to freelancers we don’t know or have never worked with before.

Know your Translation Cost

At Columbus, we don’t make our prices a secret. With our InstantQuote Calculator above you can instantly assess the cost of your translation project. We have also eliminated the middle man in order to keep your costs down. We offer discounts to new and returning customers and a discount for large volume orders (10k words).

Get Best Value for Money

At Columbus, we value quality. With us, you don’t need to worry about finding a proofreader or paying extra for checking your files. Each and every translation is checked twice for accuracy and delivered in the format of your choice at no extra charge, including MS Office formats: docx, xlsx, pptx, as well as pdf, xml, ttx, stl, srt, pac and other formats.

Apply cutting edge technology

At Columbus, we value the latest advances in technology. State-of-the-art translation memory (TM), terminology & localisation software, SDL Trados Studio, SDL MultiTerm and SDL Passolo, helps our translators maintain consistency and accuracy throughout your translation project.

Easy & Safe Payment Methods

At Columbus, we offer our customers several easy and secure payment options, ranging from PayPal and MoneyBookers to card payments and bank transfers. Whichever you choose, you can rest assured that your payment will be completed quickly and safely. All major credit and debit cards accepted via the PayPal website (PayPal account not required).

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